A Quick Guide to Golfing 

Golf is one of the best games you can ever play. It is a combination of skills, strength, and definitely, the urge to win! If you want it most, it will definitely be yours. But this is not enough. Apart from good adherence to the rules, you will also need to be competent on skills such as putting. This is a skill that involves getting the most accurate shots! It involves hitting the ball so that it can get to the hole in the fewest hits possible. This means that you must learn how to position the club well, so as you can do this accurately. But did you know that there are ways in which you can hit the golf ball and end up hurting someone? This article will tell you more about the reasons why you will need to play safely. Read http://www.ehow.com/how_4722126_cure-putting-yips-golf.html for proper putting techniques.


Irresponsible putting could be very injurious


Yes. In fact, even before you start the game, you must always understand that inasmuch as golfing is interesting, it is also highly injurious. This means that there are a lot of things that you can do, and end up hurting people. But this should not scare you from the beautiful game. For the love of the game, you will have to let go of all kind of foul play. Make sure that you do not hit anyone with the ball. At no time in the course of your game should you ever aim at people! You must always target the ball and the hole. Any injury you might cause to anyone, while putting, might also have other replications. You must therefore ensure you do it carefully and responsibly! Visit here for more tips about playing golf.



Putting: Slices and miracle


In a game of golf at www.ksl.com/?nid=378&sid=29478989, a putt to the wrong direction, depending on whether you are left or right handed, it will be known as a 'slice' or 'hook-slice'. But when the trajectory is perfect to the direction you wanted it to head, professional golfers will refer to that as a 'Miracle'. Now, failure to achieve a 'miracle' means that someone in the filed risks being injured. If at any given time you hit the ball and in its trajectory tends to head to the wrong direction, then someone might be hit. This calls for high levels of accuracy and responsibility. There are very many golfers who are able to hit the miracle without much toil.


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